A look at of some of my most impactful campaigns.

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I'm on the global employer brand team at Meta where I manage the organic and paid social media presence for Life at Meta. The brand's social media accounts have a combined total of more than 10 million followers. Here are a few of my successful brand and social campaigns.

Evergreen reels series

Tasked with: Building an evergreen content strategy focused on company priority: reels.

The how: I ramped up the production of high-quality reels with a limited budget, relying on content made by employee creators. In order to do this I had to coach employee creators and empower cross-functional partners to shift to a reels-focused mindset by creating a new reels strategy, several How-To guides for reels best practices, and formed a reels-only editorial calendar.

The results: 25% increase in published reels in H2 vs the previous half. Nearly 75% of these reels surpassed the meaningful engagement rate benchmark. The effort led to a 25% YOY increase in Instagram followers.

International Women's Day

Tasked with: Coming up with a creative concept for IWD that could come to life on different social channels.

The how: I brainstormed creative ideas with my team and we landed on my suggestion to share real words from women at Meta as a way to celebrate them for IWD and beyond. I steered our in-house creative team on the campaign, sourcing advice from women across the company, and created social assets made specific for each channel. The data showed the best asset for Instagram was a reel and a document for LinkedIn.

The results: The IWD Reel garnered over 10 million impressions and was the brand's first reel to hit over 1 million likes. The LinkedIn document got 50% more engagement than the average post.

Introducing YouSzn

Tasked with: Creating an engaging, social-first campaign to celebrate Meta employees in honor of Black History Month.

The how: I worked with a creative agency to brainstorm the idea for "You Season," a campaign centered around telling the unique and authentic stories of our black employees. Once the idea for an interview-style video series was confirmed, I sourced talent, produced the video shoot, and oversaw the editing process.

The results: Positive sentiment increased (+20%), with negative sentiment decreasing significantly (-39%) compared to the previous year's BHM campaign.


I was the global social lead for Accenture Interactive (now Accenture Song) where I oversaw content creation for the brand and managed the CEO's social media strategy. I also created a company-wide social media learning program to train the C-suite and other senior leaders on social media best practices.

Executive social presence

Tasked with: Managing Accenture Interactive CEO Brian Whipple’s social accounts when he had no prior social presence, as well as creating and cultivating an executive positioning strategy based on his personal brand and our business objectives.

The how: I began regularly curating content for his LinkedIn and created a new Instagram account for him where we launched a personal brand campaign.

The results: Grew his network to nearly 2K followers in two months by launching his first social-only campaign. I optimized his LinkedIn profile, helped him publish his first two LinkedIn articles, and went from no posts to original content 2X a week on average, leading to a 144% increase in his audience on that platform.


I was Deloitte's Paid Media Lead, where I managed $1 million in ads for the brand in the U.S. Highlights in this role include introducing podcast advertising and Instagram Stories Ads to the company portfolio. Previously, I was a Senior Marketing Specialist managing all of the Deloitte U.S. organic accounts and grew the employee advocacy program from 2K to 10K employees.

Social @ CES

Tasked with: Creating a strong paid media plan to support Deloitte's presence at CES while increasing page visits YoY after a low performing campaign the year prior.

The how: I had a holistic approach with promotion spread between newly created video, eminence, and polls. I utilized a different set of channels and ad formats. Twitter (promoted polls, video, and tweets), LinkedIn (carousel ad and video), and Instagram (story ad). This was the first time the brand agreed to put paid support behind Instagram Stories Ads. I worked with the in-house creative team to ideate on and produce a 15-second spot that would resonate with a targeted Instagram audience that followed @CES.

The results: The Instagram ad alone resulted in more page visits than all paid social from the year before with just a fraction of the previous year’s budget. Web visits grew 116.8% YoY and engagements grew 659% YoY.

Sheraton Hotels & Resorts

As the Global Social Media Manager for Sheraton Hotels, I authored original content as the voice of the brand on social while creating content for global markets, ensuring consistency across North America, Asia-Pacific and Europe. Highlights include creating a social influencer program, fostering tier 1 partnerships and sponsorships with major brands, and growing the audience (Facebook by +309%, Twitter by +473%, and Instagram by +44%).

Sheraton Club Sweepstakes

Tasked with: Promoting the Sheraton Club Sweepstakes with $0 budget, marketing the new Club offering and encouraging participation in the contest.

The how: Created an influencer program that 1) helped us promote the offer and allowed for minimal budget and 2) created a repository of images that we could use as evergreen content. This meant researching, sourcing, and creating relationships with more than a dozen mid-tier, up-and-coming photography influencers. I partnered with 10 influencers in key markets for Club: NYC, Chicago, New Orleans, Sydney, and Seattle - taking them through the entire contract process and negotiating the partnership.

The results: 1,675 new organic followers during the month of the campaign (avg. 634) which is +164% more followers than monthly average. We formed a newly created social repository for authentic Club imagery that we used for the next six months.